Our philosophy

We treat you like a person in order to help you feel comfortable as a patient. Each treatment is preceded by a comprehensive discussion, giving you an opportunity to tell us about your wishes and anxieties. This is the only way to thoroughly prepare for potential fears and provide the best therapy for your particular needs.

We work in close cooperation with your referring dentist or orthodontist. In addition, we maintain close contact with related specialists such as internists/cardiologists, laboratory physicians and our anesthesiologistsin order to provide proper and safe treatment for "high-risk patients" with pre-existing conditions.

Each surgery is carried out with the highest level of care and precision in accordance with current standards and the most recent scientific research. This is possible due to regular training and development efforts and the use of state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to many years of surgical experience and the recurrence of similar procedures, e.g. in the areas of implantology or dentoalveolar surgery, we have achieved a high level of routine, which translates into safety. This allows us to work quickly and reliably without sacrificing quality.

After your therapy and adequate aftercare have been completed, your referring dentist will take over your normal treatment and receive a written report from us detailing your therapy.